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2014: The Year of the Horse

Happy New Year my dear friends! Instead of lamenting about what a crazy busy year 2013 was and my lack of seeing friends and family, I am going to look forward to 2014 with gratefulness for what I have and hope for success and happiness in life, love, and friendships.

I didn’t officially make any resolutions this year – partly because 1/1 snuck up on me so suddenly that I didn’t realize I hadn’t made any resolutions, and partly because usually resolutions set me up for failure. SO, I’m going to list some general hopes for 2014 rather than specific goals.

1. Be a better listener. I am so bad at listening because I am always multi-tasking. My mind is always focused on multiple things – watching TV as I blog or shop online. Messing around on my iPad as I “talk” to my husband about our days. I don’t always listen, absorb what I’m hearing. I have watched many episodes of The West Wing [supposedly one of the best shows ever!] without knowing what any given episode is about. Sometimes I need mindless activities…but not all the time. Listening for the win in 2014!

2. Travel. We already have a trip to Orlando in the books with a trip to London/Scotland booked soon. I want to travel to visit my friends & family. I have grown weary of overworking in St. Louis and it’s time to get out of the fog and explore!

3. READ. My wonderful friend Courtney is making me a fabulous list of must read books as we speak – she is the queen of all genres and I am putting my literary fate in her hands. Reading for 2 hours per week at the gym is unacceptable [so is only working out for 2 hours/week.]

4. QT with my husband. This is a biggie. 2013 was all about work, no time and energy for quality time with the one I love most. Fun and unique date ideas are on tap for 2014. Working this hard isn’t worth anything if I don’t appreciate the one who always stands beside me.

5. Be happy. I have been known to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, beat myself up for mistakes I’ve made. Being hard on yourself does not make you happy nor does it make you look healthy and vibrant. Note to self: loving yourself is good for your skin. Accept myself for who I am, be confident and love my strengths and my flaws.

6. Play with my dog, take her on walks and scratch her belly. She is the most loyal and loving creature I have ever seen.

7. Be grateful every day for what I have. No excuses. And let the most special people in my life know how much I appreciate them for all that they do and who they are.

Simple goals, all attainable in due time without strict deadlines or specifics.











Oh yeah – and BLOG. I plan to be strict about this one.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a wonderful 2014 full of travel, sparkle and happiness!


3 thoughts on “2014: The Year of the Horse

  1. I’m with u on almost all of those! Especially the final one- going to try to get myself into the habit of blogging 2x per month-24 recipes this year!

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