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2014 Fashion Goals

Happy Wednesday! I know it’s been a million years since I’ve posted last, but I’ve been keeping myself quite busy. Work has been very up and down. We took a little trip to Orlando and had a great time. I committed to eating clean as a way of life instead of a diet. [90% clean…close enough] I started working out again [hello Jillian Michaels!] I am planning a couple of fabulous trips for the year. Planning a baby shower for my very best bud Meaghan. We are in the process of replacing our roof [damn adulthood]. Oh, and I bought myself the holy grail of purses.



Yeah…after a couple of huge disappointments at work, I decided it was time to buy myself a little happy.

I have determined my 2014 fashion goals…as opposed to my other 2014 resolutions. Fashion goals for me are items that I want to buy throughout the year to enhance my wardrobe, make it more complete and more fun. I had a very successful end of 2013 – I received several pairs of kick ass boots for Christmas and my boot collection is nearly complete. I stocked my closet with high quality sweaters and jeans. 2014 is shaping up to be a year for professional clothing. Not as fun, but equally classy and fabulous.

1. Straight leg suit pants. I have my eye on a pair by Theory. Assuming they go on sale at some point.



For a more affordable pair, I love these from Banana Republic:

cn7326675Classic. I am also in the market for a full new suit, but I will not bore you with that…;)

2. Beautiful sheath dresses for work.



Theory, again. If you’re sensing a theme, it’s because there is a theme. Praying to the sale gods right now.




3. Fun flats. I am good on boots. I need to jazz up my flats collection. I’m thinking leopard, metallics and smoking loafers. Possibly all in one.



Sam Edelman.


Ivanka Trump.


Kate Spade.

So that’s all I have for now. It’s only February 😉 Although some might say it’s already February. Living in the moment my friends!



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