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Rachel in Prague

One of my best friends, Rachel, is going to Prague at the end of January [yeah, I’m insanely jealous too] with her fiance for a romantic long weekend. It’s going to be pretty cold in Prague, so she has charged me with finding the perfect chic European coat/infinity scarf/glove/hat set. Not a small task. So I am happy to help via a blog post and, in return, she can bring me to Prague with her. 🙂

Rachel is a tall, slim, model-like brunette with brown eyes. [the jealousy continues]. She wears lots of skinny jeans/boots so I have looked for coats that will work with flat riding boots as she jets all over Prague – nothing too long! Also in a neutral color that is wearable when she returns to the US. And the winter accessories should all compliment each other, but no need to buy the matching sets!


We will go ahead and get this out of the way – this Burberry coat is perfect. Perfect in the US, perfect in Prague. Because of the collar, no scarf is necessary!


 cn8566804Add printed gloves or mittens and a solid hat to complete the look!

For a super classic coat look, here is a navy peacoat. This coat is timeless – Rachel could wear it upon her return from Prague and 5 years down the road.


This coat can definitely be accessorized with an infinity scarf + gloves + a hat.


These accessories all seem very matchy-matchy, BUT the different textures will go well together!


I love the feminine features on this coat! It also comes in black, but I think the ivory is striking!



Ivory + burgundy is one of my favorite combos – and I looooooove a cloche hat. So.much.


I favor wool coats over other fabrics, but down coats are so warm! If you choose a down coat, try to find one with a belt or something to give it some shape! And with this one in particular, the hood is lined with [faux] fur, so no need for a hat! And – since the collar is so high again, no scarf needed either!


Fur-lined gloves to go with the hood!

After all of this, I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to Prague. I’m going to buy the ivory coat/combo and jet set!


2 thoughts on “Rachel in Prague

  1. Hey Emily,
    Is this fellow AXO Ms. Rachel C. you’re speaking of? SO jealous — tell her to have a blast!

    I actually just booked a trip today to Europe (my inaugural jump across the pond! so excited!) and, hopefully this isn’t weird, thought of you, as I feel like you share my affinity for Brit culture, fashion actors, all things Kate, etc. 🙂

    So my head’s been spinning with making notes of things to see/wear (even though we’re doing the touristy thing and going to mostly the big attractions with a group) — I thought you could provide some Anglophile-inspired fashion advice (?) 🙂 please note: designer pieces, while probably out of my price range, are still encouraged (as well as typical Big Ben, double decker bus, etc. prints).

    Meanwhile, while I was perusing one of my have monthly online mags, I saw something else that made me think of you… it’s probably a bit too “creepy Martha Stewart” to adorn your living room with, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to look at for a quick giggle…

    Anyway, hope you are well 🙂 again, we are pretty much in exact agreement on Globes fashion — countdown is officially on to Oscar night! #fashionforeplay


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