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Workday Denim

Next week, my department has a big 3-day conference in town. Normally, it’s not the type of thing that I would need to plan my outfits ahead for [day 1: black sheath dress, day 2: other black sheath dress, day 3: black wool dress pants and black silky blouse]. BUT this year dress is casual! Which means that I actually have to plan ahead! A friend and colleague has been sending me photos of her outfits, she’s been shopping and have everything planned. So clearly, I’m way behind. So I did a little fashion math and came up with a few good combos for such an occasion:

Casual Professional 1


As long as the jeans are dark and nice quality, I think skinny jeans are appropriate for a casual work event. Especially paired with a neutral blazer.

Casual Professional 2

If you’re not comfortable wearing skinny jeans to a work event, no fear! Pair your favorite pair of bootcut jeans with a gingham button down and a cropped sweater. Don’t tuck in the blouse – leave it untucked to show the different lengths of the tops! Finish with a pair of ankle boots with a chunky heel!

Casual Professional 3

I am in love with this printed blouse by Joie. And it can be worn with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, ANY jeans! Tuck it in for a more tailored look. For a work event, pair with a pair of pointy pumps, and your legs will look a mile long!

If only I could afford that Joie blouse…Coming up later this week – a friend and sorority sister is also going to Europe this year [and not helping with my travel bug!] and is looking for some outfit inspiration. Stay tuned for Euro chic tourist wear 🙂


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