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Bell Bottoms: The Comeback

Remember when I alerted you all to the fact that bell bottoms are back? Now that the shock has worn off, you can really embrace the trend [here’s hoping you have all of your flare jeans from the early 2000s so you don’t have to go shopping!].

Back in the early flare jean days – you know, the 2000s – I had no clue how to style them. As evidenced by all photos of me from that time period. But now I’m somewhat wiser and less ridiculous in my dress, so I am hoping for success this time around. Here are my thoughts:

-It’s really easy to want to go full 1970s – and you can totally do that – but I prefer the jeans to be the stand alone trend piece. So that means, keep the accessories simple.

-Pair the jeans with a simple t-shirt or tank top and belt. The more fitted, the better, as I don’t know anyone who really wants to add volume. If you do, I want to meet you. And finish the look with a modern shoe like a caged sandal.

-If you must go more 70s than that, stick to a fabulous platform shoe but still keep the top pretty simple


unnamed (1)

Welcome back flares!


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