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The Perfect Tee

Despite the illusion I give of always wanting to be super fancy, [you know, with all of my sparkles and whatnot] I actually live in jeans + tees on the weekends. That’s why I spend soooo much of my shopping time trying on jeans and tees. I’ve finally found my jean soulmate [next post maybe…still in awe of them] and now I’ve found my perfect tee. There are 2 of them, because perfection allows for multiples.

1. The Madewell Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee


I’ve had a lot of good luck at Madewell lately! [I have this dress in 2 colors…and getting up the courage to rock this one]. This shirt is slouchy, hence the ‘slub’ in the name. So if you’re looking for a super fitted shirt, look elsewhere. The feel is very casual, so I would caution anyone wanting to wear it to work if you’re in a super professional office. [although, try it with a pencil skirt and let me know how you like it!] What I really love about this tee is that it is perfect for the ‘front tuck.’ That is, tucking in the front and letting the back out is always a success with this one. Wear with jeans, your favorite pair of denim shorts or a skirt. Finally – this shirt comes in basically every color you could dream of, and the price is right at $19. If I haven’t convinced you to buy every color online immediately, hit up your nearest Madewell store and all of the sales associates will tell you about how they also have it in every color.

2. The Banana Republic Drapey Pocket Tee.


What I love about this shirt is that it totally can be dressed up to wear to work – I actually just did it this past week! And it’s all the way around tuckable. [I’m going to trademark this phrase I think.] What I love about this shirt is the stretch and the fit. Stretchy but doesn’t lose it’s shape after wearing and the fit is very flattering. Pair with some layered necklaces and virtually any bottom you would like. The only downside – limited selection of colors but if you’re looking for a basic white or black, this is a great choice!

Of course, if you’d like to pay more, there’s always James Perse and Splendid tees which are amazing, but I’m focused on putting my budget towards future trips to Europe, not tee shirts 🙂


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