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Summer Vacation Packing Guide

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a reformed over-packer. I used to literally bring an outfit for every day that I would be gone plus additional options for each day. It made my suitcases very heavy and packing very stressful. But now that I’m reformed, life is simpler and it is much easier to look forward to vacations. My method? Um, re-wear things. [I’ve said it before and I’ll remind you again…Duchess Catherine does it!] Why the need to bring a completely different outfit for each day? White jeans go with every top you own, probably. And a dress can look totally different by switching up your accessories. [The exception to the rule – your honeymoon. Bring as many clothes as you want on your honeymoon because you just got married and you deserve it.]

Here are my top tips for vacay packing. [This is centered around a beach vacation, but if you’re taking a fun trip to Europe or somewhere else where bathing suits aren’t required, I can offer tips for that as well!]

1. Bring white jeans. Even if it’s super hot, you’ll likely find yourself cold in at least 1 restaurant during dinner. Bring up to 3 tops that will go with your white jeans. And wear at least 2 of these outfits.

Vacation - White Jeans

2. Bring jewelry that will work with the majority of the clothing that you bring. That typically means your basic gold, silver, tortoise pieces. And throw in a couple of statement pieces for fun!

Vacation - jewelry


3. Bring 4 pairs of shoes or less. Yes, I’m serious. Unless you’re going somewhere cold or going on an adventure vacation, there are few things you will be doing on this trip that will require a huge variety of shoes. I promise, you’ll be ok. It was tough my first time, too.

Vacation - shoes

4. Pack your very favorite items. If you have your favorites in your suitcase, deciding what to wear for every activity you do will be a breeze. If you fill your suitcase with items you feel lukewarm about, you won’t feel as amazing as you would like to on vacation.

Vacation - favorites

5. Pack sunscreen. Protect your skin. Consider this my safe sunbathing PSA.

Lastly – enjoy your vacation and don’t spend too much energy worrying about what to wear! 🙂


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