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Kelly’s Wedge Discovery

I truly have some of the best, most hilarious and wonderful friends. They all take my fashion obsession seriously, as if it’s a real interest. And they always engage me in discussions about it, even if they’re clearly just not that into clothes and shoes. My friend Kelly is a yoga teacher, a nurturer, a supportive and loyal pal, a cat lover, so inspiring in her constant searching for meaning and balance. And yet she reaches out to connect with me on my own interests. Recently, she excitedly stated that she discovered wedges – that they look really good on her and you can even wear them with jeans! Kelly finds her joy in experiencing breakthroughs in students’ yoga practices; for me, it’s when my friends and family find items that make them feel amazing. To help Kelly continue along her wedge journey, I am dedicating this post to her.

Wedges are the best because they’re usually more comfortable than regular heels – it’s not even a contest. They key is choosing the right style for the outfit. Only buy wedges with a heel height that you are comfortable in though – just like heels, if you are uncomfortable when you try them on, you will be uncomfortable when you wear them for real. They’re better, they’re not magic.

1. With dresses. If you are wearing a super feminine or very tailored dress, stick with dressy wedges. Think metallic or patent leather. Sundresses can be paired with different materials – rope, leather, cork, etc. Ankle straps are very trendy right now, and work very well with dresses, since you can actually see and appreciate the strap.

unnamed (1)

On the left, an outfit for the BBQ – on the right, wear to work!

2. Jeans – Kelly is right! Wedges are great with jeans. In the summer months, wear wedges with your white or cropped jeans.


On the left – date night. On the right – brunch and shopping day!

You CAN wear wedges with dresses and jeans! Kelly totally has this summer sandal game figured out.


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