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Mountain Chic

Later this week, Mark and I are heading west to Colorado! To celebrate 5 years of marriage, we thought we would get away from responsibility for a couple of days in the Rockies. I cannot wait to relax, eat delicious food, explore nature and spend some qt together.

What to wear on a mountain trip though? I’ve been pondering the question for weeks. Based on our activities planned, it seems like a no brainer – leggings, boots, sweaters, scarves. But I’m thinking about how I can add some of my signature style to my mountain wardrobe.

Activity 1: Mountain hike. Please know that when I use the word hike, I actually mean a walk. Possibly walking at a slight incline. Mostly we will be enjoying the scenery and getting in a tight mile or so 😉 I’m probably going to wear tennis shoes so what in the world can I wear to give kicks more style? Sparkle, of course!

unnamed (1)

Sparkly sweatshirt = fabulous hiking gear

Activity 2: Exploring the cities. Again, I really want to be comfortable, so nothing fancy, nothing constricting please. Chunky knits and boots. But no UGGs! I love the furry boots, but they don’t exactly say chic vacationer.


Also, plaid. Am I right?

Activity 3: Eating. There will be a lot of eating on this trip. Also drinking, probably wine. But also want to be comfy, not fancy. I’m thinking black jeans, booties and a silky blouse. What are you thinking?

unnamed (2)

Any other ideas for what I should wear while in CO? I’ve never been there, so I’m taking any and all ideas!


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