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All I Want For Christmas

The older I get, the harder it is to think of any kind of Christmas idea to give parents. But the great thing about parents is that they still ask every year 🙂 So I have come up with just a few ideas, the most important being health and happiness for all!

As it so happens, my dad already made one of my dreams come true in the form of a faux fur blanket and pillow covers from Pottery Barn. You know, the blanket I post every year in my gift guide? Subtlety isn’t exactly my forte.



So other than that, I always have at least one pair of boots on my list. This year, two.


Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom


Sole Society via Nordstrom. These are in high demand, with my size going in and out of stock every hour. It’s all about hitting the website at the right moment.

I also always want workout clothes. For those of you who don’t know, I am slightly addicted to a workout called The Bar Method. And when you go as often as I do, it’s necessary to have good quality workout gear that will last many classes and washes. I’m really feeling pants from Athleta.


Not to mention, super comfortable for casual weekend wear!

Everything from West Elm. Please and thank you.

Stemless wine glasses. When we registered for our wedding, I picked out these beautiful but very fragile wine glasses. That I love but I have definitely broken at least two. So stemless it is!


Love the simple design from Crate & Barrel!


These from Anthropologie are pretty cool, but slightly pricier.

And that’s pretty much it. Besides the Burberry trench that has a permanent home on my Christmas list.


What’s on your list this year?


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