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The Anti-Trend Trend

I’ll admit it, I’ve been avoiding writing lately. Partly because I have had so much going on in life, and on the nights I have no plans, I park on the couch with a book or catching up on tv shows I’m seasons behind on (Homeland, Season 4 is blowing my mind). But there’s another reason for my absence — and it’s a tough one to admit to you — but here goes. I am sooooo not into most of the trendy trends at the moment. Looking at them in stores and online make me feel hopeless and frightened. In a time where Donald Trump’s potential presidency should frighten me to my very core (don’t get me wrong, it does), I find the idea of culottes even more terrifying. Why is this happening to me? What do I do as a fashion enthusiast and blogger when designers insist on sending my worst fashion nightmare down the runway time and time again?

Instead of running from my fears, I’ve been taught to face them head on. So I decided to write a post about how I’m surviving the trends-that-are-so-not-me-I-could-scream. I wouldn’t say I’m surviving, I’d say I’m thriving. I’ve found ways to cope and I’m here to help you cope as well, if you find yourself in my shoes.

  • Let’s start with the big elephant in the room (not talking about Ted Cruz) — culottes. As in popular pants from The Middle Ages. Literally. Why are we wearing these?


I expected more from Theory.

If you’re not into culottes, instead buy a pair of flare jeans. Just as trendy, much more flattering, less like breeches of the upper class in olden times.


I love this pair by DL1961. Pair with your favorite tee and a pair of chunky heeled sandals. I’ll get there.

  • I just can’t with the boho. Flowy, ill fitting garments do nothing for my figure or my self respect. The look is all about playing with volume and length. So instead of that, try playing with color in well-fitted styles. Maybe a head-to-toe look in a vibrant color.


Flattering and chic but still trendy. Go VB!

  • Wooden platforms. I won’t say anything bad about these because I get that they’re part of a whole ’70s revival trend. I respect it, but I don’t have to like it. Instead, find a new favorite part of city sandals with a block heel — still a very hot, yet, sophisticated trend.



I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy. There are a few that I do like: feminine florals (florals for spring. groundbreaking. #mirandapriestlyforever), lace and embroidery, sequins everywhere. And this dress that combines all 3:


Kate Spade, I wish I could quit you!

These trends and I are just not meant to be. What about your top trends that you just can’t get? Did I miss any big ones?

I feel like now that we’ve cleared the air, we can move onward and upward. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle focused on styles I love!



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