The Season of Change

I know what you’re thinking. Change…in springtime…groundbreaking (yes, Miranda Priestly is always on point). But this spring in particular is bringing mile high waves of change to our little family of 4 (2 humans, 2 dogs). So what exactly have we been up to?

We decided it was time to list our house and start a new adventure [hopefully an adventure with a finished basement and walk-in closet]. Within hours of our 1st open house, we were under contract and pondering our options for where to live next. After all, we couldn’t be homeless when the dogs were so used to living in such luxury.


Within a couple of weeks of the sale of our house, we found our new home. Between inspections, learning how to get to it, trying to figure out the perfect shade of greige for the main floor, and trying to find a new couch that combines comfort and our classic style, I’ve barely had time to keep up with this season of Girls [don’t worry, I finished the season last night and it blew my mind]. Next week, two men and a truck will lug the contents of my closet and the rest of our belongings to the new house where we will begin this next chapter of our lives, multiple projects at the top of my mind to make the new house truly “ours.”

In other unexpected news, I will be starting a new job with an old company at the beginning of May, adding to the excitement and busyness of an already exciting and busy time.

I haven’t forgotten about my budding fashion interest and have been designing some style boards for a couple of my favorite blondies looking for fresh looks for spring. I am also still busy disliking nearly all trends, although the 2016 pantone colors are playing a major part in the style board for my girl Kelly because they are so her I can barely stand it.

I’ve taken a hard stance on meat eating and have refrained from partaking for the past few months. My skin is clearer and my heart is lighter.

I spent a wonderful weekend with my best friend Meaghan and we reminisced about the past and talked excitedly about the future. And we sprinkled in some much needed spa treatments that made us glow.


We’ve been busy trying to prepare the dogs for all of these changes, and, the good news is, they’re supporting each other through the hard times.


In spite of the anxiety, uncertainty, instability, stress eating and all around madness, this feels like the most exciting time in our lives and, as I approach my 30th birthday next month, I could not imagine anything other than this life. When I find myself complaining or speaking about our changes with anything other than gratitude, I remember how truly blessed we are to have all of these things falling into place so expertly. We are home.



One thought on “The Season of Change

  1. How exciting your life is right now with all your big changes. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new home.

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