10 Years

This week, my husband and I celebrate 10 years of being Mark & Emily. 10 years. That’s a LONG time guys. We are not the couple that gushes about our relationship on social media, we don’t flaunt our relationship everywhere. But this is a milestone that just feels deserving of its own post.

To commemorate 10 years, I dedicate this post to Mark. A digital love letter. Because he’s such a private person (one of my favorite things about him – it allows our love to remain ours and sacred) but there are so many wonderful sides of his personality and character that so many people just don’t know. So I’m going to expose just a few of them (with his permission).

Back in our early days of dating, I wasn’t the most trusting young lady. So I played games with men that I dated, always testing and demanding that he prove his feelings and affection. It was mean. And Mark instilled in me his philosophy about love early on “When you love someone, you treat them with kindness and respect. Why would you play unkind games?” And that formed the foundation of our entire relationship and changed my perspective.

10398909_509675619032_5114_n(just a couple of kids, huh?)

Mark is, without a doubt, the funniest person I’ve ever met. From day 1, I was in stitches constantly and 10 years later, still in stitches. Luckily, in the words of Jane Austen “I dearly love a laugh” and, in fact, it’s one of my very favorite ways to pass time. So this has worked beautifully for us. And the way his face lights up when I crack up is undeniable. A match made in heaven.


He loves our dogs as much as I do. And they go completely crazy when he’s around. People who really know me understand that the quickest way to my heart is through out pups.


He is the number 1 best travel partner in the world, hands down. My favorite memories together are often of the times we’ve traveled together, seeing new cities and countries by each others’ sides. Not only are we both meticulous planners but make our travel planning sessions fun dates. When together in a new place or somewhere we’ve been and loved, all feels right with the world. These are the times I feel most grateful for the life we’ve built and the most clear in my head.

203204(We could never find anyone in London to take a picture of both of us. So we have lots of photos of each of us individually at various sites)

IMG_2358(“hiking” in Rocky Mountain National Park.)

IMG_0444(Times Square for my 30th bday)

He is humble – which often leads his significant accomplishments to go unnoticed and without the recognition from friends & family that it truly deserves. Success at work and in our personal life is often celebrated just between the two of us, but I can’t help but want to shout with pride when he does something remarkable.

Finally (though I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs here) life is better with him than without him. I feel safe when he’s around, when he’s not around and even when we’re in an argument. After 10 years together, there are still butterflies, I still look forward to every date night, every night lounging at home together. He has made so many of my insecurities all but disappear because he sees the me that I can’t sometimes. There are times when our life feels like pure magic, like how could we both be so lucky to have found each other? And I know that a future together means more adventure, more laughter and much more love.


And now, other news. This will be my last post on Desperately Seeking Sparkle. This blog has given me exactly what I needed over the last 5 years – a creative outlet, a way for me to become braver about sharing this passion I have and to put myself out there for the world to see. A new project is on the horizon, so be on the look out. Once it has launched, I’ll be directing this link to that site and then shutting this one down. I can’t thank everyone enough for reading, supporting and loving fashion as much as I do. I especially want to thank my friends and family who kept telling me I could do this, my thoughts are valid and that people care. And for my husband for reading every single post and telling me how good it was. ❤



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    I have to share this. From the amazing blogger who gave me the courage to like skinny jeans and write a blog and ugly cried with me during YA movies. This is a beautiful testament to her husband! Read HER.

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