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Wednesday Wish List

Why is it that short weeks always feel so long? Is it really only Wednesday? Are we SURE it isn’t Friday? One thing I like to do when I’m having a long week is to take stock of my wish list – what I’ve got my eye on and should be dropping hints to my… Continue reading Wednesday Wish List

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The Anti-Trend Trend

I’ll admit it, I’ve been avoiding writing lately. Partly because I have had so much going on in life, and on the nights I have no plans, I park on the couch with a book or catching up on tv shows I’m seasons behind on (Homeland, Season 4 is blowing my mind). But there’s another… Continue reading The Anti-Trend Trend

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All I Want For Christmas

The older I get, the harder it is to think of any kind of Christmas idea to give parents. But the great thing about parents is that they still ask every year 🙂 So I have come up with just a few ideas, the most important being health and happiness for all! As it so… Continue reading All I Want For Christmas

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My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

Do you ever have just a blah day? That was today. I just felt so unsparkly. To get my sparkle back, I wanted to write about all of the things I love this fall [besides the weather, leaves, activities and foods]. So without further ado, I have rounded up my favorite fall fashion pieces this… Continue reading My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

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Perfect Pumps: Chunky Heel

I’ve been super inspired this week, and Wednesday is the first night I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and bleed fashion. Maybe it’s the chill in the air but I’ve got so many fashion favorite things to write about right now. First, I have to start with a post inspired by my little sister,… Continue reading Perfect Pumps: Chunky Heel

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Kelly’s Wedge Discovery

I truly have some of the best, most hilarious and wonderful friends. They all take my fashion obsession seriously, as if it’s a real interest. And they always engage me in discussions about it, even if they’re clearly just not that into clothes and shoes. My friend Kelly is a yoga teacher, a nurturer, a supportive… Continue reading Kelly’s Wedge Discovery

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Summer Vacation Packing Guide

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a reformed over-packer. I used to literally bring an outfit for every day that I would be gone plus additional options for each day. It made my suitcases very heavy and packing very stressful. But now that I’m reformed, life is simpler and it is… Continue reading Summer Vacation Packing Guide