10 Years

This week, my husband and I celebrate 10 years of being Mark & Emily. 10 years. That’s a LONG time guys. We are not the couple that gushes about our relationship on social media, we don’t flaunt our relationship everywhere. But this is a milestone that just feels deserving of its own post. To commemorate… Continue reading 10 Years


The Season of Change

I know what you’re thinking. Change…in springtime…groundbreaking (yes, Miranda Priestly is always on point). But this spring in particular is bringing mile high waves of change to our little family of 4 (2 humans, 2 dogs). So what exactly have we been up to? We decided it was time to list our house and start… Continue reading The Season of Change

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2016 Golden Globes

You know how to tell when you’re out of touch with pop culture? You don’t recognize the majority of the tv shows nominated for Golden Globes (what is Narcos??). Clearly I need to spend more time in front of the tv. At least I can stay current on the fashions for the evening. So much… Continue reading 2016 Golden Globes

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Fifty Shades of Greige

I know you’ve been waiting for the next Mockingjay press tour photo. Tonight – the LA premier. These are my favorite looks from the tour to date. Un-believable. In Dior, obviously. Soooo stunning. Natalie Dormer in Vivienne Westwood. Elegance! Now, onto the main event. Have you ever had a moment of revelation? I had that… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Greige



You know when you want to apologize to someone for something you did and starting the conversation can be so awkward? I’m having that sensation right now. I’ve been an absent blogger – making promises I could never keep, writing once a month at most, and completely neglecting spring fashion finds. Distractions like work things,… Continue reading Do-Over

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2014: The Year of the Horse

Happy New Year my dear friends! Instead of lamenting about what a crazy busy year 2013 was and my lack of seeing friends and family, I am going to look forward to 2014 with gratefulness for what I have and hope for success and happiness in life, love, and friendships. I didn’t officially make any… Continue reading 2014: The Year of the Horse